International Business Development Services adapted to different stages of international development

Based on market research and internal and external diagnostics, we propose the right foreign business development strategies for each client.

We choose an approach based on rigor, method and organization. Our knowledge of commercial law and international tax is a great asset to our clients.

We provide

Business Networking
We search and select for you, customers and partners on your behalf and present candidates with a real interest in your products in their markets.
Export sales outsourcing
In a word, we are your Export Department!
Overseas Installation
We work together with our team of own consultants and correspondents in the country (ies) of destination to facilitate your installation abroad
B2B missions
We prepare and organize your business trips with your contacts or ours.We define together the profile of the prospect you want to meet, we locate the candidates, we present your company and your products and services, and we We organize meetings only with prospects who have a profile in line with your needs.
Market research
We offer you key and reliable information on foreign markets
Export Marketing Plan
Our team of consultants, experts in international business, help you, advise you and support you in adopting an international strategy

Marketing and Management Support We’ll study your business from a marketing and management standpoint and submit strategic and operational report with recommendations to help you solve the problems raised.

Marketing and Management support includes a business planning component. When we talk about growth, we are referring to a process that leads the company to change its usual dimensions.

Our support enables SME's to implement a well thought out strategy for organic growth..

We provide

Sales & Marketing strategy consulting
We help define the best way to market and sell your products or services by first auditing the existent organization then determining channels, sales structures, client type, product range, prices and conditions of sale.
Positioning your product or service in the market
We work on all aspects of strategic and operative marketing to enhance the value of your product, service or brand.
Create Sales Opportunities
We advise you on appropriate communication for your product and services resulting in creating high level of interest and achieving a constant stream of new clients.
Sales presentations
We will assist you to prepare your sales pitches and to handle with the best way customer objections, in order to enable your organization to increase your turnover.

Training & Coaching We design made-to-measure training and coaching programmes around your needs, your products, your company, and within your business targets.

We offer training classes and seminaries to teach key aspects of the differing stages of expanding your efficiency into local and overseas markets.

We are also involved in HR Recruitment . If your Need an Export Manager, Area Manager, Export Assistant? We are experts in recruiting the person that fits your ideals and will lead your road to success.

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