integrate export wit corporate strategy is a must
Integrate export with the corporate strategy, is a MUST
12 February 2018
Africa at the Heart of Global International Trade
11 June 2018

Africa in the viewfinder of Morocco

The return of Morocco in the African Union (AU) in January shows the result of a strategy of the Kingdom on the continent establishment for ten years and whose King Mohammed VI has made a priority. “Africa must trust Africa” is a sentence pronounced by King Mohammed VI at the Abidjan speech of 2013.

The private sector is the biggest beneficiary of the African policy of Morocco. The stated goal of supporting Moroccan investors in their quest for African markets has enabled hundreds of companies to export or settle in this promising area in terms of economic opportunities. African markets across the Continent, recorded growth of 6.4% in 2016.
The major groups are headliners of this policy: the banks (Attijariwafa, Banque Populaire (BCP)), (Managem), Maroc Telecom, real estate (Addoha, Chaabi) and the insurer Saham.
The probable entry of Morocco into the ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) is part of this dynamic and will offer opportunities in tax, customs, market etc.
With its geographical position, Morocco wishes to make available the continent its unique geoeconomic position to act as a gateway for goods, financial flows and men.

As such, several locomotive initiatives have been put in place, such as the development of the Casablanca airport hub which now connects almost the entire continent to the Moroccan economic capital, a financial integration policy supported by the Casablanca Finance City project. or incentives to investment that make Morocco a popular destination for foreign direct investment. These have indeed been spectacular growth in recent years, making the kingdom an important link in the chain of global value automotive, aerospace, shoring, etc.


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