Attend a trade show, how to choose!

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Back the measures taken by the Tunisian Higher Export Council
9 January 2018
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19 January 2018

Attend a trade show, how to choose!

trade show

Participation in a trade show or event is one of the main actions of prospecting foreign markets, but also one of the strategic tools of external communication B-TO-B.

 The prerequisites for a successful trade show

Attending a trade show has several advantages. Good thought is needed before going to avoid failure. For that several questions that should be asked before deciding to participate:

  1. What is our goal: commercial (looking for new customers, increasing turnover) or institutional?
  2. Is the reputation, number and quality of the visitors and the geographic scope of the show consistent with our goal?
  3. Is the theme of the show really relevant to our activity?
  4. Is the return on investment of participation possible in the short and medium term?

The definition of the target is extremely important for choosing a show. It is better to choose a low-traffic trade show where the target of the company is very well represented. We can distinguish several targets:

  1. Customers,
  2. Prospects,
  3. The journalists,
  4. The partners,
  5. Shareholders or public relations.

During trade fairs open to professionals and the general public must also adapt the message according to each target.

7  key points to successfully participate in a  foreign trade show

To successfully participate in foreign trade shows, we propose a methodology with 7 key steps:

  1. D-12month Choose the salon
  2. D-8month Set the budget
  3. D-6months Design and prepare the stand
  4. D-4months Invite prospects and think about advertising inserts in the professional press
  5. D-2month Prepare the logistics
  6. D-1month Prepare the animation of the stand
  7. At the end of the show, thank your visitors and boost your prospects.

Here are some links to choose your salons:

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