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Integrate export with the corporate strategy, is a MUST

integrate export wit corporate strategy is a must

Why export

International development is a very important tool for the sustainability of a company.

Several reasons push companies to develop internationally: saturation of the local market, loss of customers, significant production capacity, responses to foreign requests. However, it must not be an improvised emergency solution, an arbitrary choice not thoughtful, precipitous, but rather it must be fully integrated into the overall strategy of the company given its importance in the durability of the business.

The benefits of internationalization are many. It has the capacity to improve the reputation of the company, to eliminate the risks, to surpass the competitors, to optimize the capacity of productions and to reduce the effect of the seasonality, to profit from the fiscal and financial aids.

The steps to follow to develop an export strategy

A company that already exports or wishing to export, she has to thought putting a strategy of international development.

Whatever the reason for internationalization, the stakes will always be important for a company. And the means put in place are quite different from those of the local market. It must therefore be prepared properly.

An answer to these questions is essential: what are our objectives in the short and medium term? do we have the means to achieve them? what will be the consequences?

Our BMCC company will assist you in your internationalization (implantation or export) on the African territory. We help you better understand the market and develop business opportunities. We develop strategies for you that fit perfectly with your needs.

We can provide you:

  • Through our Africa Market Intelligence service, a 360 ° vision on target markets on the African continent (degree of market maturity, competitive strategies, opportunities and threats, household behavior) that allows a real understanding of the competitive environment, thereby facilitating strategic intelligence
  • Through our Africa Go-To-Market Strategy service, the right strategy to reach your expectations of market penetration, revenue and profitability. We also support you in its implementation.

go to market strategy

  • Through our Africa Business Matchmaking service, personalized programs and visits to African counterparts. We help you prepare meetings with your prospects and extend collaboration with them. Our level of involvement is tailored to your needs.

Saber Bellaaj

Expert in International Trade.

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