Visit a trade show, how to prepare it?

17 July 2017
Back the measures taken by the Tunisian Higher Export Council
Back the measures taken by the Tunisian Higher Export Council
9 January 2018

Visit a trade show, how to prepare it?

Visit a trade show, how to prepare it?

A business trip is always considered an investment for each company. For that we must never take lightly and prepare thoroughly. In this article, we will guide you how you can prepare your visit to a trade show.

Prepare your visit for a trade show, steps to follow:

At the beginning of each year it is better to prepare the list of shows that interest you. Do not leave anything to chance. Decide in advance. This will help you better optimize your travel calendar.

Once you’ve made your tradeshow short-list, create alerts in your mobile phone as well as your PC to book your hotel and your plane ticket at least 45 days in advance. This will avoid paying more for your fees on the one hand and surprises the other.

At the same time, you have confirmed your hotel and tickets, go directly to the show Website to do the following steps:

  • Make your pre-registration for your badge. This will save you time and will help you to avoid the waiting queue.
  • From the list of exhibitors, create a short-list that looks interesting to see and spread them over two categories: the first “I have to see,” the second “I want to see.” When visiting you go prioritize the first list, then over time you have left you try to see the other.
  • It is better to warn these exhibitors of your desire to see them. This is done by sending a simple email at the contact address they have placed on the contact card on the Website of the show.
  • Locate the location of the exhibition location in relation to your hotel and airport and try to decide how to get there.
  • Many of your customers and / or suppliers will probably be present at the same time. Try to enjoy seeing them by contacting them in advance and set appointments with them on site or outside the tradeshow.

The day of the show, try to keep up your road map that you have prepared. But be careful, never neglect spontaneous encounters. Many businesses born by mere coincidence. For this, we must always be careful to what surround you in the coffee bars, restaurants, rest areas, the business lounge, etc … with a smile trying from time to time to hunt for new knowledge.

And finally, a very important task that must never be neglected. Once finished the visit, you will send thank you emails to everyone you meet and in the email not forget to put a small recap of what you discuss and highlight the important points that you have agreed on it.

You find below some website links that will help you choose your shows to visit in 2018.

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